I'm Samuel Ebuka Odamah

SEO expert • Writer • Front-end web designer

Unique Copies

As an expert writer, I will put up persuasive and engaging copies for various needs. This includes website copies, email copies, ad copies, eBooks, et al. With my experiences so far, I assure you of SEO optimized copies.


It is not enough to craft unique copies for your need, you also need someone to proof-read the texts. While there are A.I. tools for proofreading texts - the need of having an expert handle your proof-reading is very much valid.

Web Design

Using Content Management Systems (CMSes) such as WordPress, Wiz, and the likes, I can design stunning websites and blogs for various needs. I have been able to complete quite a bunch of designs, which you can view in my portfolio.


Over 200 Completed Projects With 5-Star Ratings

I have successfully completed over 200 writing/SEO projects on Fiver with over 160 positive feedback. Also, I have completed over 100 projects for local clients. My expertise is rated below.

Search Engine Optimization
Front-End Web Design and Development

Meet With Me?

How do I make this sound interesting to you?

I'm not a random guy who writes copies for various needs. My quest to be a professional in my self-identified fields caused me additional 3 years in the university.

I had to pause my schooling after the second year to learn I.T skills and how to write persuasive copies for different niches and needs.

Did I achieve that? The answer is a big YES!

I was able to achieve that because I was resilient and determined. Interestingly, I have worked under a few Tech companies, written hundreds of unique copies for over 150 clients, designed my personal blog and a few other ones for my clients, and I'm still doing more.